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City tour
Arkhangelsk was founded by the order of the Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible in 1584 -1584. The town became the defender of its northern boundaries, the cradle of Russian shipbuilding, the main “window” of Russia to the Western Europe and it also had been the only seaport till St. Petersburg was founded. Now Arkhangelsk is a popular travel center. Historical and architectural monuments, places connected with life and activity of remarkable people, ravishing nature - the White Sea , rivers and lakes - attract tourists from different countries. Highlights: Cape Pur-Navolok (the place where Arkhangelsk was founded), Gostiny Dvor (the Arcades), the memorial to Peter the Great, the obelisk to the victims of intervention, the Museum of Northern Seafaring, the Solovetsky Guest-House, St. Nicholas(39) (Nikolskaya Church, the Sura Guest-House (Surskoye Podvorye), the monument to M. Lomonosov, the combined sea-and-river passenger terminal, Troitsky Avenue, the Obelisk of the North, wooden Arkhangelsk, Solombala island. To your choice we suggest you different thematic excursions: “ Arkhangelsk – the city of 4 centures”, “ Arkhangelsk – the gates to the Arctic ”, “ Arkhangelsk - the cradle of Russian shipbuilding”.

Museum Malye Korely
The wooden architecture and folklore of the North
Malye Korely - an outdoor museum of wooden architecture represents a unique collection of the Northern architectural monuments of ancient times. Here you can see remnants of folk culture: wooden churches, bell towers, mills, peasant houses, household articles, tools and numerous folk-art objects which give you a genuine picture of the most characteristic facets of old rural architecture in different parts of the Archangelsk Region. Highlights: monuments of Wooden Architecture of the Archangelsk Region, itinerary information Arkhangelsk-Malye Korely
Old Pomor traditions of beer-brewing
You have the unique possibility to get acquainted with modern technologies and old Pomor traditions and history of beer-brewing if you visit the brewery factory "Bobroff! First of all you will have an excursion around the factory, and then you will have degustation of 4 “living” Bobroff beers. Bobroff Brewery is situated in the village of Bobrovo, 40 km from Arkhangelsk. Excursion will take 4 hours. The way from Arkhangelsk will take 1 hour. This excursion is well combined with the museum under open air “Mallye Korely” which is situated on the way to the factory. The day of foundation of the factory is September, 19 2003. Although the factory is young it took a big amount of diplomas and honors around the professionals of Russian beer.

Following the steps of M.Lomonosov
We suggest you to make a trip to the homeland of the great Russian scientist M.Lomonosov – to his native village Mishaninskaya, nowadays renamed after his name. The village is situated on one of the islands of Northern Dvina, facing the Kholmogory. From Arkhangelsk you are going by bus, then by ferryboat you are going to the island. In the year 1711 the famous scientist was born there. On the place where was his house there is a museum now with the collection of books of the XVII century and the picture gallery. The first books of talented pomor M.Lomonosov attract lively attention of the visitors. There is also a collection from fabric of Kholmogor bone carving which is valued in the whole world. Bone carving craft tradition has a big history and it had been forming for 5 centuries.
Antonievo-Siysky monastery
Antoniev-Siyskey monastery is one of the most famous northern monasteries that was founded by a monk Antony from Kehta in 1520 on the bank of Mihaylovsky lake, one of the groups of the Siya lakes. It is situated on the territory of Kholmogorsky district not far from the town of Emetsk. The monastery is situated in a picturesque landscape amidst beautiful lakes. It’s an ecologically clean region. The tour includes: a story about colonization of the North, history of the Antoniev-Siysky monastery, life of Antony Siysky, etc. In the monastery: an excursion “Architectural complex of the Antoniev-Siysky monastery” including a visit of the church of the Annunciation. After the excursion – a short rest on the bank of the lake.
Zaostrovie is an ancient village in the suburbs of Archangelsk. There you can see a complex of two beautiful churches situated next to each other. Sretenskaya wooden church was built in 1688 and the stone two-storied temple – in 1876.The way to the holy source The unique source Kurtjaevo is situated in the surroundings of Severodvinsk. The main highlights there are: Alekseev’s church, temple and mineral source full of microelements. This healthy place is known for many ages not only in the Russian North. All year round the pilgrims come here to test this “holy water”.